Welcome to ReefSIGHT

There are literally thousands of sites on the internet related to various subjects on the ocean. ReefSIGHT strives to be a general reference to as many educationally oriented as possible. Our goal is to further awareness of the marine environment and the natural environment. We focus on marine and environmental resources and programs.The navigation bar above will also direct you to sections on pure enjoyment of the our water planet, including freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

ReefSIGHT also is a place where students can display their work about the environment. Look at Planet People in the Marine Ed section. It showcases pages made by students from the elementary school level to the university level on people famous and not so famous who are striving to improve the natural environment or help us become more aware of it. If you can suggest someone who would qualify as a 'Planet Person', please send us their name.

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